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Investment gurus often say “make your money work for you”. The same goes for your property. So when you have an apartment/villa, which you are not using, it’s always better to rent it out. Finding good tenants who will, not only match your rent expectations but also maintain your home as theirs is quite an uphill task. Choose the wrong tenants, you may lose your money along with your peace of mind!

The risks of keeping a property without your supervision can be

  • Illegal use of the property
  • Damage to the property and Inventory
  • Misuse / sub-letting of the property
  • Untimely payment of bills leading to service cut-offs
  • Non-payments / Rental Arrears
  • Estranged relationships due to dependency on friends and relatives
  • Tax Payments
  • Criminals getting into the property

Stated above are only a few of the numerous issues involved.

We at Total Home Secure are here to make your life easy, by helping you find a reliable tenant. We market your property to suitable tenants through our wide network of associates. We have a specific team of specialists, who focus directly on leasing your property.

Our experienced and well trained Property Managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of your property. They are a single point of contact for you as well as your tenant, providing up to date information on your property.

We take care of all the work involved from protecting your property, finding and supervising tenants, to collecting the rent on your behalf. Based on your requirement, we will visit your property periodically.

We believe the success of property management is in securing the best possible tenant for your property in the quickest time for the highest achievable rent.

Our Deliverables:

Tenant management:
Total Home Secure understands that many of our members want more than just a house broker. They need someone who can take on the responsibilities, to feel safe in the knowledge that the property is in the hands of expert managers.

Renting out a property is all about finding reliable tenants who pay their rent regularly and look after your property as you would. Our meticulous tenant verification process includes basic checks such as:

  • Place of work of the tenant and designation
  • Members in the family
  • Nature of their work
  • Years of stay in previous property
  • Reason to vacate the previous property

In case of any doubt, we will reject a tenant or seek a tenant’s guarantor. Based on your requirement, we will visit your property and give a preliminary evaluation report. As a Total Home Secure member you can securely sign, view and download your statements and rental documents by the click of a button from wherever you are. We build the bridge between you and your tenant.

Renting Procedure:
If we proceed with your membership Once you enroll as a THS member we will do the following:

  • We use To-Let signs on your property premises giving the phone number of our contact person for prospective tenants to get in touch. An awareness of the property will be created through our local broker network.
  • We put up ads in important newspapers. Total Home Secure reserves the right to decide on the publication, type of the ad and frequency.
  • Our Single point of contact for you will meet prospective tenants and show the property whenever required. This is subject to availability of keys with us or access to it whenever required.
  • Preferably keys need to be provided to us. Under certain circumstances if unable to do so, contacts of the local dependents have to be given and your association with us has to be informed to them. Co-operation is expected from the local contact to show the property to the prospective tenants.
  • We will provide unbiased advice from a third person perspective when evaluating the property. Once tenant is approved by you, we will handle negotiations and paperwork for finalization of the tenant.

Execution and Drafting Rental Agreement/ Lease deed:
Before a tenant moves in, a tenancy agreement needs to be completed, which sets out the key things the member and tenant agree to do.

We will draft the rental agreement keeping the members’ interest in mind. In case you cannot be present, we will provide the necessary paperwork for a limited power of attorney so that you can hire a representative of your choice (Your Family Member only), who can sign on your behalf. In such cases, Power of attorney adjudication and lawyer fees applicable for NRIs if any will be billed extra at actual.

We will then run the tenant through the legal issues and his / her responsibilities as a tenant.

We will execute the rental agreement with the tenant with very clear understanding on the following points:

  • Rental amount and the security deposit
  • Payment date
  • Duration of lease along with escalation clause
  • Proper maintenance of the property and all inventories provided by the members
  • Limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of the tenant
  • Consequences of non-payment of rent on time or extraordinary wear and tear of the property / inventory

Member and the tenant must sign the agreement, and the member must give the tenant a copy before the tenancy begins.

Rent Collection and Deposit:
At the beginning of the month on a designated date, the rent cheque will be collected and deposited in your bank account based on your instructions.
We will ensure rent is collected on a regular basis on or before the due date. A scanned copy of the bank deposit slip would be uploaded in the member area on a monthly basis. This will be always available for you through our website, for your reference.

Utility Bill Payments:
It is upto you whether we or the tenant will handle your utility bill payments. However during the vacant period we will provide assistance to make payments of electricity bills, maintenance bills and water bills. A record will be maintained on a regular basis. All these bills can be accessed by the member anytime, anywhere at the click of a button from our secure member area.

Periodic Property Visits:
In addition to the regular monthly property visits, our managers will visit the property, once in 6 months and provide you a detailed Inspection report with photographs or videos. Any misuse of the property or the inventory would be dealt with the tenants as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Repair & Maintenance Work:
In case of any repair and maintenance work, we will provide assistance through our extensive network of experienced, efficient contractors and civil engineers. We will ensure, you get the best quality of work done on your property at the best possible cost.

Once we receive the request from the tenant for any such assistance, we would visit the premises within a reasonable time and assess the required work. Also, we would check the nature of the loss. If the tenants fault is involved, then you will be notified and necessary steps will be taken as per the terms and conditions of the rental agreement to resolve the situation

Inventory Audit:
Entry Inventory check—Total Home Secure will inspect the member’s property at the time of possession by the tenant. Property will be documented with photos or videos. A checklist will be created of all the objects and their conditions at the commencement of the agreement ensuring that the property is retained back in the same condition.

Exit Inventory Check— At the time of vacating, a thorough check of the inventory will be made to make sure your property and inventory are in good condition. In case of any kind of negligence by the tenants the necessary actions will be taken with your advice.

Legal Document Procurement:
Total Home Secure includes in its package, the procurement of the encumbrance certificate once in a year. This provides the detailed entry of the transactions taking place on the member’s property, including any case of illegal entry. We also help you out in updating the khata entries, khata transfers for an additional fee charged at actuals.

Assistance on Tax Payments:
We understand the complications involved in paying property taxes and hence we will strive to make it smooth by assisting you throughout in property tax payments and updating you in case of any misses in the previous years. We ensure that taxes are paid well in time helping you avoid any heavy penalty/interest. Fees will be charged on actuals as per the government laws.

THS is your trusted partner for all your property management needs. At THS, we care for your property just as our own.

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